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Yard sign

Show your support for our grass roots effort!

Put one of our signs in your yard. Contact us, come by and pick one up. 434 North McDonough Street.

Conversation results are in!

Community meetings will be held to discuss these results and
get your ideas on how we work on the identified priorities.

Details on meeting dates, locations and times will be posted on our website.

The shared work is just starting and we need you to stay involved.

The schools must be accountable to the community
The community must be accountable to the schools.

Next Steps:

  • Offer a series of community briefings asking for input and ideas around identified priorities.
  • Partner with the school system to review school system and community data around identified priorities.
  • Using the data and community input, establish agreed upon attainable and measurable goals with the school system and the community around the identified priorities.
  • Create a framework for the community and the school system to accomplish goals.
  • Create a community call to action to fulfill community goals in support of schools as they work on the identified priorities.
  • Conduct an Annual Education Summit to celebrate accomplishments and share ongoing work and challenges.

Community conversations and communication of data and information will be ongoing throughout the work.

Community Agreement

Our Goals

  • Share ideas about the kind of community we want to live in.
  • Consider the connection between quality public education and the quality of community life.
  • Focus on the kind of relationships we want between our schools and community.
  • Begin working together in a new way to determine the future of our community and public schools.

Meeting Calendar

Who is meeting where?

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Steering Committee

Kathy Sawyer
Dr. Lawson Bryan

  • Ann Sippial
  • Erica Ware
  • Rev. Willie Welch

  • Dave Borden
  • Barbara Larson
  • Evelyn Moore
  • Caroline Novak
  • Michelle Roth
  • Ann Sikes

  • Anita Archie
  • Rev. Gary Burton
  • Arthur DuCote
  • Cheryl Carter
  • Gen. Paul Hankins
  • Jenny Ives
  • Sophia Johnson
  • Thomas McPherson
  • Keith Norman
  • Dr. Gwendolyn Patton
  • Ms. Susan Price